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Self Contained Mobile, Process Plant Description

Oro Industries Air Impact Mill Plants are completely self contained mobile hard rock milling & gold processing recovery plants. The self contained mobile plants come in two Varieties 2 ton/hr and 4 ton/hr. The plants are designed and engineered to allow easy access of reliable and highly dependable hard rock processing equipment into remote locations worldwide.

How it works! A very heavy high speed 4 bar Impact rotor acts as a blower. This creates a vacuum draw of air from the feed end of the mill. The air flows around the impact rotor and discharges out through a 30 mesh sizing screen located at the back of the mill. As the large rock up to 20cm (6”) inters the mill it’s impacted by the rotor and is instantly disintegrated. The fine -30 mesh particles are then blown through the sizing screen. Particles larger than +30 mesh are recycled around and impact rotor till they’re pulverized and blown through the sizing screen. The discharged -30 mesh product is made up of particles sizing down to smoke (1 micron). The Impact mill’s pulverizing action results in liberating all gold from the rock that can be concentrated by physical means.

Ore processing flow! The ore needs to be dry, less the 15% moisture. The Air Impact Mill can be hand fed or fed by an optional feed hopper/conveyor. As the rock is processed through the Air Impact Mill it discharges into a wetting cyclone attached to the mill. The cyclone slurry’s the milled ore and discharges to a closed feed trough. The feed trough gravity flows the slurry into Oro Industries 16” Horizontal Low G Centrifuge. The centrifuge is a fine gold batch type primary concentrator and recovers up to 98% of 200 mesh (75 micron) fine free gold. At the end of the processing day (8 to 12 hours) the concentrate is removed from the centrifuge. To remove the concentrate simply lower the RPM of the centrifuge and the concentrate washes out into a concentrate bin. The primary centrifuge concentrate is then processed through a Oro Industries multi helix spiral cleaner. The cleaner concentrate is then processed through a multi helix spiral finisher resulting in a clean sellable or smelt grade gold.



Spiral Rougher 24”

Spiral Cleaner 16”

Spiral Finisher 16”

300 Lb Sand Filter

3 Spiral Stand Set

3 Tail/Sluice Set

Complete Plumbing Manifold

Electrical Control Panel

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