Mobile Plant

Mobile Placer Ore Plants

Unique in the industry is our line of innovative Mobile Placer Ore Processing Plants. These plants are particularly versatile and economical for alluvial mining projects, and they are well suited for stationary or mobile production and exploration. They are compact and portable, with capacities ranging from 25–100 cubic meters/hour of continuous feed with a backhoe or excavator feeding ore directly...


Our equipment has three configurations: 25, 50, and 100 cubic meters per hour. These plants are trailer mounted, completely self-contained. The Placer Ore Processing Plants incorporate...

Portable Gold Lab

We offer a customized 40’ sea container converted to a complete lab for fire assaying, smelting, and pouring gold bars (doré bars). This setup includes complete test, production, and safety equipment for operating a dry assay lab (not a wet chemical assay).

Physical conversion of the sea container includes interior partition into two sections - a dry “clean section” for lab tasks and a wet “dirty section” for smelting, assaying, and processing concentrates with the Multi-Helix Spiral. The clean section includes installation of black L-shaped 7.5’ x12’ Formica countertop with wood cabinets, wall shelving, pegboard for drying glassware, overhead lights, tables and sinks, and plumbing and electrical installations with circuit breaker panel.

We will train you to operate your own lab and set up your mine processing protocol. Lab equipment depends on the requirements of the mine and customer needs.