Helix Spiral

Our Innovative Hard Rock Ore Recovery Equipment

Multi-Helix Spiral

OUR CLAIM: The Multi-Helix Spiral is hands down the most efficient gold concentrator available in the industry. It has a proven track record with a recovery rate of 99% of all free gold. It is a commercial-duty gravity concentrator for both alluvial and fine-milled hard rock ores and has the highest concentration ratio...

Cleaner Model Spiral Concentrator

This is a continuous or batch feed secondary concentrator for processing primary sluice concentrate, primary jig concentrate, centrifuge concentrate, and milled hard rock ores. When set up as a cleaner, the 16" or 24" spiral concentrator is perfect for the application of mercury recovery and tailings projects. For the highest production performance, it is recommended to classify material to minus 1/4".

Finisher Model Spiral Concentrator

The finisher model can be used in conjunction with our standard Secondary Cleaner to shorten clean-up time when concentrating large volumes or in certain custom applications. Its highest production performance is with fine concentrates of materials less than 1/8". Up to 90% of all concentration and clean-up needs can be achieved with the standard 16" Secondary cleaner. Ask us for advice about your particular application.

24" Rougher Model Spiral Concentrator

When used as a primary concentrator for both alluvial and milled hard rock ores, the 24" Spiral is ideally suited for mixed mineral hard rock ore concentration. This concentrator can't be beaten when the job calls for a continuous concentrator for Gold, Galena, Chalcopyrite, and Sulfide-type hard rock ores. It replaces jigs for heavy black sand ores as well. Its fine gold recovery ability is more than 90% to 200 mesh in production and 99% to above 140 mesh.


Production Rate: 1–2 tons/hour
Water Consumption: 15–20 GPM @ 20–40 PSI
Power Requirements: ½ hp @ 120V/50 or 60Hz
Dimensions: 84" x 36" x 60" (L x W x H)
Powder Coat Finish
Power Supply and Water Pump Not Included

Production Rate: 12–15 tons/hour
Water Consumption: 40–50 GPM @ 20–40 PSI
Power Requirements: 3 hp/Single or 3-Phase 220/440V/50 or 60Hz
Dimensions: 153" x 34.5" x 77" (L x W x H)
Powder Coat Finish
Power Supply and Water Pump Not Included

Theory of Operation

The actual "working surface" of the concentrator is made up of a series of leads running lengthwise in reverse in a critical tight spiral pattern along the inner...


Our Spirals can be used for the secondary and final processing of sluice concentrates, primary jig concentrates, and centrifuge concentrates. They are fully adjustable, allowing...