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All of the placer mining equipment shown on this page was designed and built by Paul Clift and Tri-R back in the 1980’s. Tri-R was known for it’s innovative designs, highly efficient but yet simple to maintain and operate. Today, Paul and current partner in Oro Industries still build many of these placer mining equipment designs along with some new innovative designs; and continue the tradition and dedication to commercial gold mining equipment operators.

LEFT: A bank 5 Monster 36" Low-G Centrifuge (left side) and a 1 ton/hr ball mill (on the right), built for a 400 ton/hr dredging operation in Gastono Bay near Juneau Alaska. In total, five 36" centrifuge's were used for primary gold and sulfide recovery. The primary concentrate was processed using four (4) 16" Helix Spirals, two Spirals were used for free gold recovery and two Spirals were used to concentrate the sulfides. The sulfides were processed through the ball mill and then chemically treated for the extraction of gold. The photo below shows a crane lifting the massive core trommel that was 8 feet in diameter and 40 feet long.
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Placer Mining

mining equipment design

ABOVE: A 40 cubic yard / hour exploration program in Wells, British Colombia, January 1985. Paul was hired to design and build the placer mining equipment and to setup and run the exploration phase. The exploration plant shown here was a scrubber/classifier trommel with twin 20" Centrifuges for primary recovery, and then the primary concentrate was auger fed to a 16" Spiral Cleaner.

The outside temperature was 30 degrees below zero (F). The exploration / testing plant was built and shipped from California to Canada in early December to prove out the ore body. If successful, a larger production plant would be built over the winter and ready to set up and mine in the spring. The photo above shows a provisional “Vizqueen” structure built to house the testing plant. A 500 kw generator was located on the site, just 20 ft. behind the plant. The cooling fan from the generator blew outwards so a wind tunnel was made out of plywood which connected the generator’s fan to the back of the Vizqueen structure. The placer mining eqquipment in this testing plant only required 50 kw of power so Paul fabricated some “heating coils” from chrome alloyed wire to install inside the wind tunnel. The coils were heated by burning off the additional power from the generator...which heated the Visqueen structure. The exploration and testing program ran from January 2nd to February 15th. The testing phase for the deposit proved successful, however, negotiations between the client and the land owner broke down and the project never materialized.

placer mining equipment
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Canada placer Mining Equipment
LEFT: 40 cubic yard production gold mining operation Canada using two 20" Low-G Centrifuges. This was a exploration plant for testing ore samples ahead of a 400 cu meter/hr


Placer Mining Operation
A 50 cubic yard per hour - self-contained placer plant designed and built for Paul’s own placer operation in Costa Rica. The plant was designed for both trailer and pontoon mounting. The intended design was for high / low water conditions and mid-river placer mining which allowed year round operation, even during the tropical rainy season.

Gold placer Mining

Portable Gold Mining Equipments
LEFT: 10 cubic yd/ hour placer plant, designed for exploration and testing. Notice the conveyor mounted on top for towing. The plant is completely self-contained and portable for moving up and down the ore body.

RIGHT: 25 cubic yd/hr portable placer mining plant with a Low-G Centrifuge (foreground) for fine gold recovery. This photo was taken during testing with the Centrifuge unmounted. A 16" Helix Spiral was used for secondary recovery (far right).

Placer Mining Plant
LEFT: 50 cubic yard/hr production placer mining plant in California. This plant incorporates twin 20" Low-G Centrifuges.

RIGHT: Not the best of photos but it shows the large scale of this 5 ton/hr Air-Impact mill for a hard-rock operation in Nevada. The milled ore was fed to a 20" Low-G centrifuge for primary recovery. A 16" Helix Spiral was used for secondary recovery.
Hard rock Mining

Gold Equipment
LEFT: A 50 cubic yard/hr complete production mining plant. The plant incorporated two 20" Low-G Centrifuges and a 16" Helix Spiral Concentrator. The plant was built for a placer operation in Arizona. Note the de-watering augers for the concentrate and tailings.

Oro Industries, expert designers and fabricators of a complete line of commercial ore processing mining equipment for both alluvial and hard rock applications. Each one of our placer mining equipment designs incorporates operational features and details that only miners can appreciate. All of our placer mining equipment is rugged, commercial duty and designed for maximum efficiency, simple operation and low maintenance. And equally important, we spec your equipment to suit your site, your mine and your ore matrix.

If you need help analyzing your ore or any other technical facet
of your operation, feel free to contact us.

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