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Welcome! Now that you have found the home of Oro Industries on the web, you will not only discover some innovative recovery technologies but also a company whose philosophy is all about the success of your mining project. We are designers and fabricators of free...

Featured Products

The "Martin" Multi-Helix Spiral

Secondary Concentrator


The Multi-Helix Spiral has excellent recovery performance with both alluvial and milled hard-rock ores. It offers the perfect application for mercury recovery and tailings projects. Our equipment is also great for bulk sampling. It has the equal ability of a concentration table but is more practical and versatile. This enables the machine to separate gold, silver, platinum, and any precious metal or mineral that is in a free state.

Two Models:

16” Cleaner – 1 to 2 ton/hour
16” Finisher – Up to 1 ton/hour

Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge

Primary Concentrator


This equipment is for the primary concentration of classified alluvial ore and milled hard-rock ore. It is known for its high-volume, zero-loss fine gold recovery. Our machine is adaptable to any mine operations, replacing sluices and jigs. It runs on turbid water, which is perfect for recycle and settling ponds.

Two Models:

16” Primary Concentrator – up to 15 tons/hour
30” Primary Concentrator – up to 40 tons/hour

Mobile Placer Plants

MPP25 c

“Move the plant to the ore, not the ore to the plant.”

Made for alluvial applications anywhere in the world, these plants are completely self-contained with onboard diesel power suited for both stationary mining or “on-the-fly” excavating and exploring. These plants incorporate our Horizontal Centrifuge for primary recovery.

Three Models:

MPP-25 – 50 tons/hour
MPP-50 – 80 tons/hour
MPP-100 – 160 tons/hour

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A Bit of History

The “Martin” Multi-Helix Spiral Concentrator was first developed in the mid-1970s by William R. Martin, a brilliant inventor and gold...

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Fast forward to the present day, gold prices are up once again, and there is renewed interest in gold mining worldwide. Oro Industries...