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Mobile Placer Ore Plants

Unique in the industry is our line of innovative Mobil Placer Ore Processing Plants. These plants are particularly versatile and economical for alluvial mining projects. Well suited for production and exploration - stationary or mobile. They are compact and portable with capacities ranging from 25-100 cubic meters / hour of continuous feed with a backhoe or excavator feeding ore direct into the plant’s hopper. Our typical design uses either a trommel or vibrating screen deck classifier that feeds into the Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge for primary recovery. The primary concentrate can then be processed with our Helix Spiral for secondary cleaning. A feed hopper wash plant, ore classifier, primary and secondary concentration. A complete system.

These plants are built on a tow-able trailer frame and include a power generator, all pumps, hydraulics, electrical etc. They are completely self contained. Their mobility is specially suited to move up and down the alluvial plain, moving the plant to the ore instead of excavating and hauling ore to a stationary plant. The plant can shift position on the fly taking only 15-20 minutes to reposition the plant using the 4 leveling jacks. Great for fluctuating high and low water conditions. Reclamation is more economical since the head-ore tailings go right back in the digging trenches during or shortly after the process day instead of mounting up at multiple sites.

The plant’s primary recovery unit, the Low-G Centrifuge concentrator is a fine gold recovery system, however, for "course gold ores", we install a "jackpot" system to recover coarse gold and nuggets before the classified ore feeds into the primary recovery unit.

These plants are virtually "plug and play", minimal assembly required and can be shipped overseas in a standard sea container. They are designed for commercial mining, simple to operate and low maintenance.


“ Move the plant to the ore…not the ore to the plant ! ”

Gold Processing Plants

gold processing plant

gold placer alluvial process plant


Mobil Placer Plant: Three configurations: 25-50-100 cubic meters per hour. These are trailer mounted, completely self-contained, Placer Ore Processing Plants that incorporate our Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge as a primary concentrator. Each plant has an onboard diesel power source, electric motors, water pump, wet dump stationary feed hopper, vibrating screen classifier, tailings troughs, operator platform, high pressure Monitor washing gun, concentrate bin, and manual leveling jacks. Models are as follows: ( capacity ratings are dry weights and volumes of typical alluvial head ore )


MPP-25 -- 25 cu/yards/hour

MPP-50 -- 50 cu/yards/hour

MPP-100 -- 100 cu/yards/hour

* capacity ratings are dry weights and volumes of typical alluvial head ore *

Onsite training is available anywhere in the world

“By adding an optional 16" Helix Spiral secondary concentrator (stand alone unit), these plant packages are a complete turnkey placer mining setup for processing head ore down to producing a finish or smelt-able grade product.”


( Plants are built to order - fabrication time is 3-4 months )


Portable Gold Lab

A customized 40’ sea container, converted to a complete lab for fire assaying, smelting, and pouring gold bars (dore bars). Includes complete test, production and safety equipment for operating a dry assay lab (not wet chemical assay).

Physical conversion of the sea container includes interior partition into two sections - a dry “clean section” for lab tasks and a wet “dirty section” for smelting, assaying and processing concentrates with the Multi-Helix Spiral. The clean section includes installation of black formica L-shaped 7.5’ x12’ counter top with wood cabinets, wall shelving, pegboard for drying glassware, overhead lights, tables and sinks, plumbing and electrical installation with circuit breaker panel.

We will train you to operate your own lab and set up your mine processing protocol. Lab equipment depends on the requirements of the mine and customer needs.

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