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Low -G Horizontal Centrifuge
Primary Concentrator

An original design by Tri-R Engineering, this highly efficient batch concentrator is excellent for the primary recovery of gold concentrate at volumes of 8-40 tons / hour. The Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge is known for it's high volume - zero loss, fine gold recovery, and is adaptable to most any mine operation for primary concentration of a variety of ores. We at Oro Industries have carried forward with this design, so efficient that we incorporate single and twin applications for primary recovery in all of our mobile placer plants.


The Horizontal Centrifuge operates in the Low-G range. It is a batch type concentrator designed to run with either clean or turbid water which makes it ideal for recycle/recirculation applications (ponds). Excellent for fine gold recovery from clay bound ores. It is a continuous slurry feed concentrator and “batches” the concentrate during the run process. In operation at a specific, calibrated G-force, the internal chambers fill with lighter material which form soft fluidized "beds". As the heavier concentrate enters the Centrifuge, it displaces the lighter material. Heavy concentrate from the slurry fed material starts collecting in the first chamber. When the first chamber is full, new material (heavy concentrate) fills the second chamber, and so on until the Centrifuge is full. At which point, the unit is cleaned out by simply decreasing the speed which flushes the concentrate into a receiver. In most cases with typical alluvial and hard rock ores, a properly sized Centrifuge will give you a full days production before it requires flushing.

RECOVERY: “If you can pan it we can recover it". A “skilled panner” can recover free gold down to 100 mesh. And our Low-G Centrifuge has equal ability for free gold recovery. However, in a production environment, recovery rates using gravity separation methods for gold particles down to 200-300 mesh begin to decline using any gravity separation method. We claim 99% recovery of free gold down to 100 mesh and 80% to 90% recovery down to 200 mesh. Recovery rates of free-gold particles at 300 mesh minus start getting out of reach of physical concentration means and require chemical separation methods. 300 mesh gold is almost colloidal and tends to stay in suspension in the turbid water. Even in clear water, this ultra fine gold stays in suspension almost indefinitely with the high water flows in a production environment. Claims of high recovery rates of 300 mesh gold in a production environment using physical (gravity) means are simply not true.



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Available in two models:


16" Horizontal Centrifuge: 7.5 cu-meters (10 cu-yards / 15 tons) per hour

30" Horizontal Centrifuge : 20 cu-meters (26 cu-yards / 40 tons) per hour

* capacity ratings are dry weights and volumes of ore classified to 1/4” minus *

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