Welcome! Now that you have found the home of Oro Industries on the web, you will discover not only some innovative recovery technologies, but a company who’s philosophy is all about the success of your mining project. We are designers and fabricators of free metal/mineral recovery equipment with deep roots in mining (three generations).  Our slogan, “Your ore is our business” means that we put a large amount of importance on your particular site and your particular ore matrix.  To understand the ore matrix (elemental makeup) is the first step to proving out the most efficient recovery circuit; from classification of head ore, to concentration and achieving a smelting grade product.  Analyzing the ore matrix along with each step in the process circuit ensures better recovery without costly mistakes, raising the success level of any mine.

Mining fact:
“ The ore body dictates the design of the equipment.
The equipment should never dictate how to mine the ore body! ”

“Real genius is simplicity” — yes, another slogan (we like slogans), but it took years of hands on development to achieve both efficiency AND simplicity…resulting in two very unique designs of concentrators.  The Multi-Helix Spiral and the Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge. Both highly efficient but yet simple in design, simple to operate and simple to maintain.  Versatility?  You bet.  Upgrade your equipment as a stand alone, or plug right into your existing process circuit, be it geared for the exploration phase, startup production or expansion of larger operations.  Our equipment is particularly suited for mining in developing countries due to it’s simple operation and maintenance.  You will not find a concentrator as efficient or adaptable anywhere in the industry.

Martin Multi Helix Spiral

Multi Helix Spiral
Secondary Concentrator

The “Martin” Multi-Helix Spiral
Secondary Concentrator

The Multi-Helix Spiral - Excellent recovery performance with both alluvial and milled hard-rock ores. Perfect application for mercury recovery and tailings projects. Also great for bulk sampling . Has equal ability of a concentration table but more practical and versatile. Separate gold, silver, platinum, and any precious metal or mineral that is in a free state.

Two models:
16” Cleaner 1-2 ton / hour
16” Finisher - up to 1 ton / hour

See more info on the Helix Spiral page


30" Horizontal Centrifuge
Primary Concentrator

Low-G Horizontal Centrifuge
Primary Concentrator

For primary concentration of classified alluvial ore and milled hard-rock ore. Known for high volume, zero loss fine gold recovery. Adaptable to any mine operation, replaces sluices and jigs. Runs on turbid water - perfrect for recycle / settling ponds.

Two models:
16” Primary Concentrator - up to 15 tons / hour
30” Primary Concentrator - up to 40 tons / hour

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50 ton / hour Mobile Placer Plant

Mobile Placer Plants

“ Move the plant to the ore, not the ore to the plant ”

For alluvial applications anywhere in the world, these plants are completely self contained with onboard diesel power, suited for both stationary mining or “on the fly” excavating and exploring. Plants incorporate our Horizontal Centrifuge for primary recovery.

Three models:
MPP-25: 50 tons / hour
MPP-50: 80 tons / hour
MPP-100: 160 tons / hour

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Oro Industries, expert designers and fabricators of a complete line of commercial ore processing equipment for both alluvial and hard rock applications. Each one of our designs incorporates operational features that only miners can appreciate. All of our equipment is rugged, commercial duty and designed for maximum efficiency, simple operation and low maintenance. And equally important, we help you spec the equipment to suit your type of operation, your site and your ore matrix.

“ Built BY Miners FOR Miners! ”

If you need help analyzing your ore or any other technical facet

of your operation, feel free to contact us.

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